Atlantis Pool Service
Spring Openings from $169.99
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DE Filter Repair
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Cover pool with mesh cover + $85
Pool closing check list
1. For pools with ceramic tile, please lower the water level 2" below the bottom
of the tile.
2. We need access to the pool cover and winterization plugs. It would be helpful if the
winter cover is placed on the pool deck before we arrive.  We can supply winterization
plugs if you can't find them for an additional fee.
3. We need a working garden hose available so we can fill the water bags.
4. Please keep the main power turned on to the sub panel near the pool's filter
system so we have a working electrical outlet for our air compressor.
5. Make sure all leaves are removed from the pool's floor to avoid any additional
charges for leaf removal.
Cover pool w/ custom fit solid cover + $125
Cover pool w/ water bag cover + $85
Winterize attached spa + $35
Winterize pool heater + $35
Clean leaves from bottom of the pool + $35 per qtr hour
In-Ground  Pool  Winterization
Winterize pool pump & filter system,
Flush water out of underground pipes
with compressed air and install winter
2 gallons of winter algaecide is included.

PRICE - $184.99